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The regency of Sleman is located in the northern part of the Indonesian province of Special Region Yogyakarta on Java island. The area is characterized by the Merapi volcano and its surrounding forests in the north and a densely populated urban area in the south. The natural part mainly serves as a buffer zone and conservation area as well as the water resource for the more urban areas in the south (including the city of Yogyakarta). the southern has a rapid growth of a young population (students, young families), settlements and hotels as the province has one of the lowest living cost in the country and continuously raising attraction for domestic tourism.

The regency of Sleman is focussing on integrated sanitation solutions in the area of raw water resources. An improved sanitation infrastructure shall contribute to water safety by establishing protection zones and setting up community participation processes. More info link city profile

The Head of City Alliance

In the beginning of 2018 – with mutual agreement of all City Alliance members – Mr. Drs. H. Sri Purnomo, M.Si, the regent of Sleman Regency, Indonesia, has been appointed as first Head of City Alliance. He will be supported by Head of Secretariat for the period of January 2018 until December 2019.


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