Upcoming Event:

On 20th-22nd August 2019, the City Alliance will conduct a workshop under topic of “Allignment of Sustainability and Urban Sanitation Themes of Sustainable Development Goals, New Urban Agenda to Cities Urban Plan” in Bangkok, Thailand. The secretariat will invite all members of City Alliance and the representative from UNESCAP.


  • To exercise the alignment of sustainability themes and urban water and sanitation themes of cities’ urban plan to SDG and NUA;
  • To identify whether urban water and sanitation themes in the cities’ urban plan address the current and the projected issues and;
  • To recommend necessary approaches to urban water and sanitation management.

Expected Output:

  • Overlapped and gaps of sustainability themes in the cities’ urban plan are identified.
  • Gaps of urban water and sanitation themes in the cities’ urban plan are identified.

Recommendations for urban water and sanitation management.


Last Event :

The Financial Working Group of City Alliance

On 17th-18th January 2019, the City Alliance members had the financial working group meeting in Chonburi, Thailand. The workshop aimed at the following:

  • To provide the most profound understanding of existing financing schemes
  • To get to know the instruments which are currently applied by City Alliance members according to Integrated Sanitation Approach
  • To share experiences among municipalities including the Nonthaburi Municipality, Thailand

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The Meeting of Operationalization of the Sustainable Development Goals on Local Level

On 6th-7th August 2019, the first meeting was held in Sleman regency, Indonesia with aimed to strengthen the cooperation process among the City Alliance member through detailed discussions concerning the knowledge exchange, the communication structures and the best practices in sector of integrated sanitation.

For more report: http://bit.ly/2Vn9cnJ


City Alliance Members Participated at the 9th World Urban Forum and BMBF Workshop

On 8th– 9th February 2018, the City Alliance was presented in front of the international attendances through participated in German booth at the WUF9 also had an opportunity to launch two panel discussions among members of Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos and Germany. In addition, they joined the workshop on “Polycentric approaches for the management of Urban Water Resources in Southeast Asia”.

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City Alliance Members Participated in AIT/FSM Toolbox Workshop in Bangkok

On 15th-16th January 2018, the City Alliance members had a great opportunity to participate in AIT/FSM Toolbox workshop in Bangkok. It aimed to introduce AIT’s fecal sludge management tools and the opportunity to collaborate with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for a fecal sludge treatment pilot project.


The Kick-off Meeting of City Alliance ‘People. Sanitation. Cities’

On October 2017, the mayors, deputy mayors and representatives of municipalities, provincial and national governments as well as BORDA and its local partners in Southeast Asia met at the City Forum, to set up the City Alliance ‘People. Sanitation. Cities’. Some of the outcomes from this forum such as the finalized of City Alliance Guiding Principles and according to mutual agreement of all City Alliance members decided Drs. H. Sri Purnomo, M.Si regent of Sleman Regency, Indonesia as first Head of City Alliance for 2018-2019.

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