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The provincial capital Krong Kracheh (Kratie Province) is situated along the Mekong river in western Cambodia. Comprising of five Sangkat’s (urban districts), it is home to around 33.000 inhabitants. The city is well known for its famous Irrawaddy river dolphins, ancient pagodas and its French colonial architecture. Another historic highlight, yet less popular, is Kratie’s 70-year-old sewage system. In recent years the city has outgrown the capacity of the system and now only serves the city center.

Current urban development is dominated by a project proposed and planned by the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MPWT) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The project focuses on the development of roads and bridges, drainage and wastewater treatment (currently limited to the city center) as well as solid waste management infrastructure.

The city of Kratie faces the most challenges in the distribution and coverage of basic water and sanitation infrastructure. The current focus is on solid waste management in subdistricts. For that, the city is preparing several educational campaignes for local government agencies and communities in addition with suitable Public – Private – Partnership models for the operation and maintenance of solid waste management services. More info link city profile


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