The city of Bitung is located in the province of North Sulawesi in Indonesia surrounded by the regency of North Minahasa (N), Maluku Sea (S), regency of Minahasa (W) and Maluku (NE). The region is characterized by natural protection areas like protected forests, nature reserves, naional tourism parks and forest (around 43 %). Therefore, nature tourism is one of the economic pillars in this region. The topography unfolds from mountainous areas in the west and northwest to a flat coastal area in the east where the urban agglomeration is situated. Bitung has a rapid econimic and demographic growth related to its port and solid industry. Many northern Indonesian trade routes and touristic cruise lines are routing together in the city. This growth also leads to unavoidable environmental pollution form industrial waste as well as domestic waste and wastewater accumulation.

Since 2016, various activities to address sanitation problems have been carried out in combination with public awareness and education programs (e.g. “5 Clean”). Furthermore, Bitung is participating in national and international events regarding environmental sanitation.