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City Alliance Meeting on Financial Working Group

17th – 18th January, 2019

Chon Buri, Bangkok, Thailand



As a result from the 1st City Alliance meeting in Sleman 6th and 7th August 2018, and based on the common vision and understanding, that the City Alliance members committed to continue working on the implementation of the Integrated Sanitation Approach (ISA), the following topics have been identified during working sessions for the joint cooperation:


  1. Community awareness and empowerment for water and sanitation related actions
  2. Exchange on possible financing mechanisms
  3. Technology options/system solutions
  4. Regulations and policy
  5. Capacity Building
  6. Stakeholder Communication


Due to the specific demand for support with financial challenges within the member cities/municipalities, BORDA has set up the working group “Financing Mechanisms”.

Therefore, invited members of the City Alliance are kindly asked to join the working group session on  17th and 18th January 2019 in Chon Buri, Thailand.


The main aim of the a.m. workshop is to provide a deeper understanding of existing financing schemes and instruments  which are currently applied within the Integrated Sanitation Approach in each City Alliance member cities/municipalities and to share those experiences with municipalities from Thailand. In addition, invited experts from UNESCAP and UNESCO will provide insights on other financing instruments which have been successfully applied in the region.


The methodology during the workshop:

  1. Presentations from external experts:
  2. UNESCAP: Insights of policies on financing in the South-east Asia region.
  3. Nonthaburi Municipality, Thailand: Lessons learned from financing O&M of FSM services
  4. UNESCO: Introduction to “crowd funding” as an alternative source to secure capital investment for sanitation infrastructure
  5. Presentations from selected City Alliance Members:
  6. Insights on Grant-funded project implementations
  7. Insights on loan funded project implementations
  8. Insights on projects funded through PPP models
  9. Insights on revolving fund models
  10. Insight from project funded through governmental budgets
  11. Structured group discussions – “Market place”:
  12. Selected financing mechanisms will be discussed in separate groups, where City Alliance Members can understand regulatory and institutional requirements of respective financial instruments. This session aims at identifying the suitability of new financing options for future ISA implementation in our partner municipalities.


Participants :

  1. City Alliance members
  2. Counter Parts of City Alliance members.
  5. AIT
  6. representatives of Nonthaburi Municipality



BORDA will cover return ticket, hotel accommodation and seminar package.

For furthermore information, please download the detailed of ToRs and the tentative agenda:

20181213_Detailed ToRs Financial Group Meeting

20181213_Tentative Agenda_Financial Group Meeting



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